A world-renowned exhibition created by the brilliant Berlin-based Sasha Waltz is celebrating the body, using compelling imagery and focused choreography captured over a 15 year period. Körper by Waltz & Guest combines clinical analysis and fantastic illusions as 13 dancers melt together to form strange chimerical creatures and squirm behind glass-like scientific specimens, in a series of living tableaux.

I really liked the deep meaning hidden behind the show and there is so much potential to work with. The aim was to create a visual representation of the show using the latest digital standards. I created a unique animation based the part of the show that explores the effect of skin against glass. I was quite fascinated by the use of grayscale in all the advertising, giving it a more sterile look.

© 2018
Branding project 

Animation Design
Sasha Waltz & Guest
Saddler Theater

Körper reference 4
Körper reference 3
Körper reference 1
Körper reference 2
Körper Development 3
Körper Development 1
Körper Development 2


I developed this project using Adobe After Effects to recreate the animation, along with Adobe Illustrator for the layout. I had fun with composition, colours and texture to realise my goal. The result is a design that meets and exceeds the original design remit. The harsh line of the typeface contrasts with the fluidity of the blobs creating an effective composition.

Square korper
Rectangle Körper