Atlantis Story & Utopia

Atlantis Story & Utopia is a series of three editorial pieces designed for a brief set by Ravensbourne University of London. I picked Atlantis as my topic and, I analysed the Story and Utopia behind the legend. Using the same text, I was required to give each book a different interpretation.

Atlantis 1 Closeups_0

Working on the first concept I explored the manufacture old manuscript and how time effected them. The final outcome presents signage of censorship and erosions due to weather conditions.

Atlantis 1 Closeups_2
Atlantis 1 Closeups_1
Atlantis 1 Closeups_3

The second concept was inspired by the book "Bogdanović by Bogdanović: Yugoslav Memorials through the Eyes of Their Architect”. The shapes of the constructions reclaim an advanced culture but now is now in a status of abandon.


In my third and last concept, I investigated experimental editorial design, bold text, gradients, auto-generated design. Trying something unconventional and advanced seemed appropriate for juxtaposing a more serious piece of text.